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How Transportation Oriented Development Benefits Local Economies

Millennials, Cars and the Future of Transportation


  • King of Prussia is Montgomery County’s economic hub and the largest employment center in the suburban Philadelphia region.
  • Approximately 87% of KOP’s 50,000+ commuters drive a car to work each day.
  • KOP’s auto commuter population grew by 8,000 between 2003 and 2013, adding to traffic and congestion challenges.
  • The NHSL train uses quiet electric power instead of loud diesel engines to operate
  • King of Prussia Rail will provide King of Prussia residents with a great alternative mode of travel to arts, cultural, dining and other attractions in Philadelphia


  • 10,500 | current number of daily rides on the existing NHSL
  • 5,400-6,300 | number of direct, indirect & induced jobs in Southeastern PA that King of Prussia Rail construction would sustain
  • Up 66-81% | amount NHSL ridership is expected to increase with the addition of King of Prussia Rail
  • 310,000 | projected amount of square footage of real estate development per year stimulated by King of Prussia Rail
  • 30+ | estimated transit travel time savings per vehicle from Center City (in minutes)
  • 18M | estimated number of vehicle miles saved through King of Prussia Rail annually
  • 104,000-217,000 | hours of travel time saved per year for existing transit riders, valued at $2.6M-$4.7M
  • 1.7M-2.1M | hours of travel time saved per year for drivers, valued at $36.4M-$44.5M
  • $1.5M-$1.9M | the value of air pollution reduction as a result of King of Prussia Rail
  • 900-1,500 | estimated number of jobs King of Prussia Rail will bring to King of Prussia every year


“By offering a new transit option for commuters and other travelers, the proposed King of Prussia Rail project is intended to boost mobility, reduce congestion, and increase connectivity in the region.” – The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia

“King of Prussia District strongly endorses SEPTA’s King of Prussia Rail. This critical infrastructure investment will provide a much needed alternate mode of travel to the largest employment and commercial center in the suburban Philadelphia region” – Eric Goldstein, Executive Director, King of Prussia District

“I strongly support investing in multi-modal transportation efforts like the Norristown High Speed Line extension and theconnector. Efforts like these, if done right, are critical to long-term economic vitality and job growth in the region.”- State Representative Tim Briggs (Member, State Transportation Committee)

“King of Prussia Rail is a transformative project for King of Prussia, Montgomery County and our region.  As a not-for-profit that advocates for smart transportation investments, we [GVF] strongly support King of Prussia Rail.” – Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF

“KOP Rail is a logical and visionary addition of rail service into the largest retail shopping center on the East Coast. The projected expansion of the office, residential and entertainment sectors of the economy in KOP underscores the need for transportation alternatives. Without more transit options like KOP Rail, auto dependency will grow, increasing traffic and congestion on area roadway networks.” – Bert Cossaboon, PenTrans 

“We support the effort to connect this part of the region to the transportation hubs and allow greater access while at the same time reducing congestion.” – Douglas Carney, Senior Vice President, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“As a lifelong resident of the Delaware Valley and a longtime working professional in King of Prussia, I wholeheartedly support KOP Rail project. Working in a myriad of office buildings in King of Prussia, I have seen the personnel challenges presented by the lack of a rail system to and from the city. Too, as the founding member of the Philadelphia Concierge Association I see the challenges my [city hotel] concierge colleagues face in trying to recommend King of Prussia as an easy-to-access retail/attractions hub. The implementation of a railway would make the KOP region the premier destination that it deserves to be.” – Ken Alan, CBRE Corporate Concierge 

“I heartily support this important move forward for King of Prussia and the region. KOP Rail will improve accessibility to residential, hotel, retail and dining resources, and provide the missing “last link” long needed to fully connect the western suburbs.” – Andrew Rau, Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees, PC

“As a King of Prussia businessman for over 30 years, I see and experience the traffic congestion on the Route 422 corridor. The proposed rail link would be very helpful.” – Robert Snyder, Robert Snyder Law

“I am a practicing chiropractic neurologist of thirty-three years in King of Prussia, located at one of the proposed stops for KOP Rail [adjacent to the Valley Forge Casino]. I strongly endorse the implementation of this project [KOP Rail], because it will allow patients without cars and whom travel from as far a Philadelphia and Norristown to have access to my office for their care. Please start construction as soon as possible.” – Dr. Mark Saracino

“I am a store director for a retailer in the king of Prussia mall for years and having a rail system here to philly would be a game changer for the area in many ways. It would alleviate traffic on 76 which is a nightmare for commuters and makes it difficult for my employees to get to work. Also in my opinion this would grow business in the mall and the area if people could easily commute via rail. I am so excited at the chance this could come to fruition.” – Jessica T.

“I travel from south Philadelphia to king of Prussia 5 days out of the week, this would help big time!” – Julia F.

“Would like to have a direct and time effective mass transit option to commute to work” – Stephen C.

“Traffic in King of Prussia is frequently a nightmare and with growing sections of KOP, it is very difficult going from the mall, to the movie theater, to the new west development. A rail would make every visitor’s day much easier!” – Graham D.

“Please make this happen! I know hundreds and hundreds of people, particularly in my very large company that would take advantage of a rail system in KoP.” – Stacey M.

“Home owner in the KOP area. It’s a no brainer to get this approved. Will increase foot traffic which will make business’s thrive along with making the area more desirable to live in. Which will increase the real estate in this area. Some what concerned that it might mimic some of the transient issues that the Norristown station has with problematic individuals coming from the city to KOP for nothing other than committing crimes. With that being said, as long as the proper security measures are implemented then this will be a success for the area.” – Todd G.

“I have been an employee in King of Prussia and commuting from Philadelphia for 5+ years. This rail line would enhance the job talent in the market, promoting employees in the city to further their careers by working for companies they have never considered before. I want to see King of Prussia competitive in all markets!” – Kristina S.

“Better public transportation is vital for so many reasons — traffic, pollution, economics. This project [KOP Rail] will benefit many people, and I support it 100%.” – Lisa L.

“I fully support this project to bring needed transportation alternatives to these areas of King of Prussia, and I think this route provides the best coverage with the fewest adverse impacts on the adjacent community.” – Jaquelin C.

“KOP needs a connection to Philadelphia (and beyond) [via public transportation] to allow our businesses to continue to grow. We need the ability to recruit from the broadest talent pool, the ability to more easily go see clients (or have the come see us) and the ability to more easily enjoy entertainment, dining, etc. in Philadelphia. The project [KOP Rail Extension] is 30 years overdue. Don’t let it become 40 years overdue.” – Tim R.

“This [KOP Rail] is SO needed in this area for both residents and clients!” – BP Miller, Chorus Media Group

“I grew up near King of Prussia and started my professional life commuting into Center City. The only option was the bus, which is an unreliable mode of transport in winter and slow in heavy traffic. Rail is THE way to go to sustain the growth of the region economically.” – Robert A.

“I feel like this [KOP Rail] would help the community greatly! A lot of people can utilize rail for going to and from work, as well as coming to different communities for shopping and helping local economies.” – Britta Q.

“This would be SUCH a benefit to all of us that have to drive the turnpike each day. In addition to savings in gas and wear and tear on our cars, it would benefit all of us emotionally to be able to ride the train again. Our company left center city where I worked at 2000 Market St. for 8 years, and took the train every day. Now I have to drive each day and it can be very stressful. I can only imagine the benefit to all the businesses around this area that would benefit from a project like this. Very much for this project.” – Michele M.

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