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Why is SEPTA exploring an EXTENSION of the NHSL into King of Prussia?

King of Prussia is a full-scale commercial and retail center. Many King of Prussia employees commute by car, and this leads to congestion and heavy traffic on the roadways. Moreover, the only direct public transit option is by bus, which can get caught up in the same traffic jams as cars. One solution is to branch off the NHSL, creating the new King of Prussia Rail, straight into the area to provide for an alternate mode of transportation. This would help relieve some of the traffic, support economic development and bring in new people who might not have come before to shop, work and enjoy the amenities in the area.

How much will it cost?

Pursuing government funding from the Federal Transit Administration is where a bulk of the money is expected to come from. The remainder will come from other public and private sources.

How long will it take?

The full project, from determining the LPA and the impact on the area to drawing up the financial plan and securing the funding to engineering and design and finally to construction, is expected to take 9-10 years.

How can I get involved in the process?

SEPTA wants to conduct as much outreach as possible for this important effort and to get feedback from everyone affected by the extension. To that end, they will engage in public opinion surveys throughout the process to gauge people’s thoughts and public hearings to have everyone share their suggestions, comments and ideas with the project team. You can always check back here on for the latest information on where the meetings will be held and when surveys will become available. Stay connected at and

The Connector

What is theconnector?

theconnector is a new commuter shuttle service, created by the King of Prussia District (KOP-BID), that transports employees from the SEPTA Norristown Transportation Center and SEPTA Wayne Regional Rail stations to the businesses in and around the King of Prussia business park. The shuttles have Wi-Fi, bicycle racks and are ADA compliant. Service began on June 17, 2013.

Where DOES it go?

Two shuttles, one each route, travel to/from SEPTA’s Norristown Transportation Center and SEPTA’s Wayne Station and the King of Prussia business park. The shuttles run during the AM and PM rush hours and stop at large offices and employment centers within and near the business park. Final routes are still being developed. Click here for routes and schedules.

How much DOES it cost?

Ticket prices are $1 per ride for employees and tenants of participating corporate partners (click here for a complete list). Employees and tenants of non-participating companies pay $2 per ride. Multi-ride packs of ten (10) are also available.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are be available at:

Can anyone ride theconnector?

theconnector is tailored for those individuals working in the King of Prussia business park. However, the general public can ride theconnector‘s fixed schedule to the business park with purchased tickets or with payment of cash on board.

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